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NameJhuang, Yuan-Kai
Office phone number(05)2721001#1212
Personal websitehttps://www.facebook.com/ZYJ.yuankae
Job titleStaff
Responsibilities1.Promote university-wide activities as well as organizing Ministry of Education commissioned extracurricular activities.
2. Coach the creation and operation of student societies, student publications, travel assistance
3. Arrange off-campus activities for societies, off-campus competitions and funding for off-campus activities.
4. Appoint advisers for students societies and manage payment for their coaching fees.
5. Issue relevant awards for societies students.
6. Promote certification for students societies.
7. Encourage the students societies participate in local community events and social service.
8. Coach Graduates Association’s operating and hold the graduation ceremony.
9. Purchase, manage, and lend the equipment for clubs/societies.
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