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Stop, Look and listen: Student Clubs and Societies

Welcome, freshmen, to this large family known as Nanhua University.

Other than the usual activities that occur in the university, classes, love, part time work, there are also diverse range of clubs and societies activities that help brighten up campus life. By joining these clubs, students can develop a second set of skills, improve their communication and cooperation skills when working in groups, enhance their interpersonal relationships, learn teamwork, stimulate their creativity and potential and grow in other areas of life.

There are many advantages to joining students clubs and societies; however the only way to receive the different benefits is for students to experience club/society life for themselves. The first order of business for freshmen is to join a club/society and experience the wide variety of activities that are available for you. So why hesitate? Join a student club/society today!

With so many different clubs and societies, how do you choose your favourite?

The following information will make it easier for you to make the best choice:

1.First, understand the different clubs and societies available at the university and their unique characteristics.

The student clubs and societies are divided into seven main categories. You can find out more about these different categories from the Student Union Club/Societies introduction page.

2.Consider your own interests and talents:

For those who love music, they have a choice between the guitar club, the rock club and the singing club. Those who have a passion for dance may choose Fevers Dance Club or the Hip Hop Dancing club. Those who are particularly active have a choice of different sports clubs, and for those wishing to learn a second skill may choose between the Taiwanese Culture Research Society, the Coffee Appreciation Society etc. There are also a variety of clubs for those who find joy and fulfilment in helping others such as: Zayin Scouts Club, HuaXing Club etc. and finally for those who wish to help their fellow students, the Club of Student Association is a wonderful choice.

3.Follow your own unique personality and values

4.Consider your time and how much of it you are willing to allocate to club activities.

When choosing a club or society, be sure to manage your time well between all your activities. You must allocate your time efficiently and wisely so as not to cause any problems with your school work, your club/society responsibilities and your health.

5.Consider what the benefits of attending a particular club/society are.

Before joining any club/society, ask yourself: Is this club/society my interests? Can I develop and grow here? Will this club/society help me with building relationships? Can I gain leadership skills? Will this club/society be able to enrich my life?

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