Introduction to Student Clubs & Societies


Introduction to Student Clubs & Societies / Student Association

南華大學學生會 Nanhua University Student Association (NHUSA) an highest student organization of Nanhua University, all students are general members. According to the Organization Charter 104, the Nanhua University Student Association uses a council system, the legislature is Student Representative Assembly (SRA), the Executive is Student Council (Primary Administration - PSA) and the Supervisory is Student Supervisory Board (SSB).

Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/NHUSA.TW

Official Instagram: instagram.com/nhusa.tw

Official Email: nhusa.tw@gmail.com

Official Website: nhusatw.wordpress.com

Student Association Office: 10 Yuanci (Left door), Basement floor - No.55, Section 1, Nanhua Road, Dalin Township, Chiayi County

Council system: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council

Student Organization: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Students%27_union

Organization Charter 104: active2.nhu.edu.tw/files/news/2482_c87b40e8.pdf

Regulations governing for the Establishment and Counselling of Student Organization in Nanhua University: active2.nhu.edu.tw/files/archive/33_19829b68.pdf

University Act.: edu.law.moe.gov.tw/LawContent.aspx?id=FL008606

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