Introduction to Student Clubs & Societies


Introduction to Student Clubs & Societies

For freshmen,

Clubs and societies offer you the opportunity to learn a second skill, develop interpersonal relationships, expand your horizons, develop teamwork skills, stimulate your potential, and stimulate your creativity and growth in all areas of your life: they can provide you countless learning opportunities and resources to help enhance your abilities and satisfy your interests.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?


Abundant Club/Society Activites





The Three Good Deeds – Unleash Your Dreams – Student leaders training camp


Freshmen pre-university get-together

Freshman initiation

The Three Good Deeds – Dictate Your Dreams – Student Clubs/Societies Freshmen Orientation Fair

Freshmen Orientation (Faculties, clubs and societies)

Submission of Club/Society plans for the year


“Circle of Friends” Club/Society members training program


Three Good Deeds – “We love Nanhua” Teachers and Students Forum – Opportunity to express opinions, thoughts and ideas.


Three Good Deeds – NanhuaUniversity Christmas Party

Three Good Deeds – Ignite The Fire of Your Dreams –Student clubs/societies mentors’ conference.


Clubs/Societies Service Education Winter Program


Submission of Club/Society plans for the year


Nanhua Ninteenth – Go long and long – The 19thanniversary of NanhuaUniversity’s Founding


Three Good Deeds - “We love Nanhua” Teachers and Students Forum - Opportunity to express one’s opinions, thoughts and ideas.


Three Good Deeds –Dream Interpretation – Performing Clubs/Societies Achievement & Finale Showcases



Three Good Deeds – Dreams Bear Fruit – Club/Society evaluation and awards ceremony.

Three Good Deeds – Dreams Overflow – End of semester student union, club/society mentors and club/society members convention.

Good Deeds – Farewell - 2013 – 2014 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony



Clubs/Societies Service Education Summer Program

Multiple Learning Opportunities

¨          Develop professional competence through club/society participation

¨          Competitions and off-campus learning opportunities

¨          Gain planning professional certification

Encouraging Student Clubs/Societies to broaden their horizons by going beyond the university campus

¨          Participating in of campus activities and contests

¨          Use shows and performances as a way to promote interuniversity exchanges.

►List of Student Clubs/Societies

The university has a total of 52 student clubs/societies which are divided into the following 7 major categories: Collective, Educational, Music, Recreational, Sport, Community Service and Fraternities



Name of Club/Society


The Independent organizations such as Student Union, Student Council, Student Club Association, Graduates Association and Students Society

Educational Club

Taiwanese Culture Research Club, Coffee Appreciation Society, Bliss & Wisdom Youth Club, Photography ClubEqual Rainbow Boulevard Club, ACG Club, Debating Club, Buddhism Club, Gardening Club, Drama Club

Music Clubs

Guitar Club, Rock Club, NHU STAR Club, Ya Yue Orchestra, Life of Erh-hu Club

Recreational Clubs

Fevers Club, Magic Club, Pop Dancing Club

Sports Clubs

Kendo Club, Taekwondo Club, Zonghe Boxing Club, Volleyball Club, Running Club, Survival Game Club, Table Tennis Club, Tennis Club, Nanhua Basketball Association Club

Community Service Clubs

Zayin Scouts Club, HUA XING Club, Nanhua Christian Fellowship, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature Volunteer Society, Department of Applied Sociology Volunteer Society, GOGO Dog Club, Wild Animal Protection Club


Siacgang Senior High Alumni, Aboriginal Society

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