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QuestionWhere is Extracurricular Activities Division?
Answer Office C111.
Question If you want to check the information about Extracurricular Activities Division and Clubs/Societies, what is the website?

Answer The webpage of Extracurricular Activities Division is http://active2.nhu.edu.tw/, or enter the website of Nanhua University - http://www2.nhu.edu.tw/ > Offices > Office of Student Affairs > Introductions > Extracurricular Activities Division. The Face book of Extracurricular Activities Division is http://www.facebook.com/groups/218857344800547/.

Question How many clubs are in Nanhua University? How does it categorise?



1. The university has a total of 65 student clubs/societies.

2. They are divided into 7 major categories.

1 Collective -- Student Union, Student Council, Student Club Association, Graduates Association and Students Society

2 Educational Club--Taiwanese Culture Research Club, Coffee Appreciation Society, Bliss & Wisdom Youth Club, Photography ClubEqual Rainbow Boulevard Club, ACG Club, Debating Club, Buddhism Club, Gardening Club, Drama Club.

3 Music Club-- Guitar Club, Rock Club, NHU STAR Club, Ya Yue Orchestra

4 Recreational Club-- Fevers Club, Magic Club, Hip Pop Dancing Club.

5 Sport Club-- Kendo Club, Taekwondo Club, Zonghe Boxing Club,  Running Club, Survival Game Club, Table Tennis Club, Tennis Club, Nanhua Basketball Association Club.

6 Community Service Club--Zayin Scouts Club, HUA XING Club, Nanhua Christian Fellowship, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature Volunteer Society, Department of Applied Sociology Volunteer Society, GOGO Dog Club, Wild Animal Protection Club.

7 Fraternities Club-- Aboriginal Society.

Question Whats the tip for joining the clubs?
Answer1. Visit the Extracurricular Activities Division often.
2. Ask the suggestion from the senior schoolmates.
3. Notice the time of the clubs o
rientation fair.

4. Recommend yourself to the club you are interested in.

5. Take more tries in different clubs.

6. Discuss with your family and friends more.
QuestionWhat kinds of scholarship and honors are about in joining the clubs?


AnswerThe light of clubs of Nanhua University
1. After you were junior at school, and got over 70 for your average grades, and the conduct performance were excellence.

2. When being the club/society leaders during the previous semester, hold the activities well and got excellent for Performing Clubs/Societies Achievement & Finale Showcases.

3. Check the detail information at “http://life2.nhu.edu.tw/page2/news.php?class=201”
QuestionIf you want to join the clubs, what can you do?
AnswerThere will be Student Clubs/Societies Freshmen Orientation Fair every year, and almost all the clubs will have a stand to introduce themselves to let the freshmen understand. 
Question  What are the clubs of Nanhua University special for?
Answer We have full training classes for every student who join the clubs and societies, such as Student leaders training camp, “Circle of Friends” Club/Society members training program, Volunteer training program, and ,many classes for student to choose. Those classes and program help students who joined the club can get through it quickly.
Question What reward had Nanhua University club get?
Answer Our school is famous for traditional music club and Fevers Club. They all are often invited to perform and have earned lots of rewards. The Zonghe Boxing Club not only have the  Kungfu contest but also earned lots of reward on the national contest. The Buddhism Club had got the 2006, 2007 of the college student evaluation around Taiwan, and the Taiwanese Culture Research Club got the 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 of the college student evaluation around Taiwan. Zayin Scouts Club, Guitar Club…etc got rewards, too.
Question How to set up a club?
Answer1.Ten-people cosign.
2. Hand in the application to the Extracurricular Activities Division, including name, Coach name, Members…etc.

3. After the club has the first meeting, you have to prepare the relevant information in one week. And take the club chop.
4. Please see the detail in “Rules and SOP Process” in http://active2.nhu.edu.tw/page3/archive.php?class=203.
Question What kind of class can the student choose?
Answer We have full training classes for every student who joined the clubs and societies, such as
1. Student leaders training camp which hold by the Student association club.

2. “Circle of Friends” Club/Society members training program which hold by the Student association club.

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